To kill a mockingbird book review by Isabella Gutierrez

To Kill a Mockingbird was published on July 11,1960. The book has 281 pages and written by a wonderful author, Harper Lee.  The novel tells the story of a young girl, Scout, and her brother, Jem, growing up in Alabama in the 1930s.  The book deals with prejudice. It was immediately successful,with its eye catching words, causing the reader to keep reading. Like me, I couldn’t stop.

Many others  couldn’t put the book down. One reader said, ‘’Why is it when I pick up To Kill A Mockingbird , I am instantly visited by a sensory memory: I’m walking home, leaves litter the ground, crunching under my feet. I smell the smoke of fireplaces and think about hot cider and the wind catches and my breath is taken from me and I bundle my coat tighter against me and lift my head to the sky, no clouds, just a stunning blue that hurts my eyes, another deep breath and I have this feeling that all is okay.”   

The book was so successful it was turned into a movie with Ruth White, Alice Ghostley, and Crahan Denton and many others. The film received positive reviews from critics, and made more than six times more than it cost the studio to make it. 

So the next time you want to read a book, make sure you pick up To Kill a Mockingbird.

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