The Cage. a short story by robert bosquez

The Cage


A man sits in a cage looking out at the world before him, screaming for release but no response. People walk by; they stare; they utter words that he can’t understand and they walk away. For he is truly and utterly alone.


He sits alone with his thoughts.


For what feels like years pass by, and his voice has dwindled. Instead of  screaming he whimpers, longing for the day his isolation ends. He can see; the world looks so beautiful,bountiful and bright, but it’s just out of his reach. The overwhelming cold consumes him.


He weeps alone with his thoughts.


One day his whispers are finally met with a response. The voice says “Why is it that you are in this cage? Are you dangerous?” The man then replies happily, “God no! To be truthful I haven’t the faintest clue.” A small silence passes before the voice gives a response. “You have to be in there for some reason.” The man then quickly interjected, “For heaven’s sake!! Free me please!!” The voice then thinks it over before deciding to open the door. Light floods in, and the man steps out. Tears flow down his face, not tears of joy; no, they are tears of sorrow. The voice then asks, “What’s wrong? Is it not all you hoped for?”  The man stumbles backwards towards the corner of the cage as the door clicks shut and darkness envelopes him once more. He whispers  “no” as he sits down, looking out at the world before him.


Trapped by his thoughts.   


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