Pals next year?


All 7th grade Nimitz Seahawks, if you would like to become a Pal for your 8th grade year, please go to room 2002 after school to get the application. Expectations for being a Pal is to have service hours during and after school, grades come first to Mr. Mendez. You will go through a interview of why you would be a good candidate for Pals.

Mondays and Fridays will be days you stay in class to do class activities and have group building days. Tuesday through Thursday you can do service for teachers or Mr. Mendez.

You will miss two days of school to go to a mandatory field trip where you will learn how to mediate. Mediation is where two or more students are having an argument and will need pals to figure out how we can make the situation better. Everything that is said during the mediation will stay between the group and will only be told to a teacher or administrator if any harm will happen to any students or self harm.

Being a pal can be the best thing you can do for 8th graders. I encourage 7th graders to take pals in consideration for an elective next year.

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