Nimitz Tennis

I recently interviewed 2 of the Nimitz tennis players, Noah Medellin and Anthony Muniz.

Many people don’t know the rules of tennis; Tennis is basically just hitting a small ball with a racket onto the opponents side. In Tennis, there are singles, doubles and a new mode, co-ed. Singles is just one person against another person. A double is 2 people against another 2. A co-ed is one girl and one boy. In a tennis game there can only be 2 people, or pairs, no more. Noah and Anthony both agree that their season is going pretty good thanks to their coach, coach Puga.

So far, they played 7 games, and all of the 7 were doubles. They only play small schools. You don’t have to be in doubles; it really depends on your skill set.

Go Seahawks! Go Tennis Team!



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