Oblivion an editorial by robert bosquez



Sunday night, 11 pm. I was with my father; we were heading home from dropping my step mom off to run some errands. We had stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green. It was quiet; the static sound of the radio filled the air. A lady steps off the bus onto the quiet crosswalk. A sound of small steps followed by a loud krakoom.  A red pick-up truck had struck the young lady and kept on driving. The silence on the road was now replaced with raw panic and confusion. Death is scary; we all deal with the great oblivion in a different way.


During the incident, my father had immediately jumped into action. He phoned 911

and told them the location and what had happened. A crowd  started forming. Instead of helping ,most people took their phones out and  were recording.. It was sickening. How can people be so callous to the suffering of others? Views, clicks and followers are all that matter to some people. In today’s society, we are very used to the fact that death happens and most people now aren’t scared of that.

And to be truthful i don’t know how i feel about it.


People deal with death in different ways; we are scared, we are unsure about what’s ahead. Maybe that’s what makes us human; it’s so human of us to be afraid of the unknown.

But with the way society is shaping our reactions to tragedies and turning them into spectacles,

our shrieks and gasp are slowly turning into “oohs” and “aahs”. Maybe that’s what makes us inhuman, we are being disconnected from tragedy. It’s only background noise for views and clicks.   

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