2019 Battle Of The Flower

HEY! Have you heard, Fiesta is right around the corner and you know what that means right? The Battle of the Flowers parade is coming soon to San Antonio on April 26, 2019. There will also be tickets to buy for seating areas if you want to see the parade up close.The tickets will be at 15-30$ plus a parking fee per seat you want. This will be located downtown on Broadway St.

Aren’t you excited? Getting to see people on floats, being able to experience the history of San Antonio. With people throwing little props at the crowd to catch like necklaces, rings, medals ,and even t-shirts. The most exciting things are the events that are happening like dancing in the Plaza and seeing concerts with food vendors selling Mexican traditional foods and sweets.

There are so many events that will be happening for the Battle of the Flowers parade these events will last till April 12 -April 26

Fiesta Events

April 12: Oyster Bake, Taste of New Orleans

April 13: Fiesta Mission 10K, Oyster Bake

April 14: Fiesta Ole, Fiesta De La Familia

April 18:Fiesta Fiesta at Hemisfair Park

April 19:Senior Fiesta,Crown The King

April 20:Flotilla Fiesta, Chanclas Y cervezas,El Rey Fido

April 21:Fiesta Arts Fair, Day in Old Mexico

April 26: Battle of the flowers parade rough @ 9:30Am

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