The Effects Of Heartbreak

I just started reading a book called 16 Ways to Break a Heart, and it got me thinking how girls’ hearts are broken and the different outcomes. There are multiple ways girls get their hearts broken, and here are a few of them: being dumped, cheated on, or left for someone else. So many girls get their hearts broken everyday, and they can’t really stop it. If a girl gets cheated on, it will hurt her a lot. She may be hurt, feeling like it’s her fault, unloved even. That’s the effect on her from being cheated on.

There are different ways you can get dumped like you can get dumped by text, over the phone or in person. Girls are sensitive, and when a boy leaves a girl by dumping her, she can feel like it was her fault. If she really liked or loved the boy, it would be hard for her to just get up and trust another guy with her heart. Being dumped , if severe enough, can become a trauma which is hard to overcome.

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