crafting nostalgia

Crafting Nostalgia

People all have that game or toy that made their childhood, their childhood. I didn’t have a lot of ways to express myself growing up; I had a lot of toys growing up that my dad had bought me. But that was because he was making up for my mom being out of the picture.

Things were tough and one day my dad bought me a game that all the other kids were playing in 2012. Minecraft. It was originally for the computer; it was simple and easy; I had gotten the ps3 port which was a bare bones version of something already so bare. It was magnificent.

It’s 2019 now, and I’m 14 and heading into high school after the summer, and to be truthful, I’m sad about it; I’m sad because those experiences full of wonder during my childhood are gone. Minecraft had its tenth anniversary  on May 17 of 2019, ten years of millions of people embracing their creativity as friends and fans, being one with this beloved franchise.

We all grow, and as we grow, we notice those memories that make us special. Our childhood is a era of our lives that we should cherish, and for some Minecraft is something that brings out our inner child and most importantly brings out our individuality and creativity. The creators who crafted this magnificent game also crafted memories full of wonder and amazement for years to come.

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