Sensitive and Glowing

I am 

I am sensitive and glowing

I wonder if there are aliens out there

I hear waves at a beach

 I can see the sun setting at the beach 

I want a nose piercing 

I am sensitive and glowing


I pretend I’m a model sometimes 

I feel like nobody understands me 

I touch silky smoothness

I worry about what people are thinking 

I cry over small things, but no one would think that of  me 

I am sensitive and glowing 


I understand that you’re always going to have that one person that pretends                            to  be there for you, but talks about you behind your back

I say that everyone should set goals for themselves 

I dream that one day I can design and create  fashion 

I hope that I can give my mom something to be proud of 

I am sensitive and glowing


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