The Eldritch in the Forest: Part 2- I´m Calm, I Swear*

     When I wake up I flutter my eyes open and yawn quietly, still with weary eyes. The small tranquil was then broken by something I saw out of the corner of my eye. Something tall outside of my tent`s plastic window suddenly dissipated. I sit up swiftly and break into a cold sweat. I looked out of the plastic windows to check where it had gone to. I start to heave and feel that nauseous feeling that I had last night, like my tent was spinning round and round.

      ̈Don’t panic Matt.¨ I try to console myself, ̈Just make yourself some coffee, some sausages and pancakes, and maybe take a hike after… Y-yeah, okay, I’ll do that.¨ I shake off anything telling me otherwise that something was wrong. This retreat is supposed to be a sedative experience after all. I put on my boots and exit my tent.

      I take out a flat pan, a steel coffee maker and instant pancake mix along with some sausages I`d packed in a small cooler. With my cooking stove already set up I place both the coffee maker and the pan on the heated stove and get to work. 


     I sit down on a foldable chair and put my plate of sweet pancakes and steamy sausages on a plastic table I had brought with me. I sip my coffee and dont mind when I burn my tongue, at least it’s tangy and savourable. Instantly, I`m calm. Just like I’m supposed to be, this is for my own good. 


     When I finish eating, I feel as if I had completely collected myself. A feeling of satisfaction and refreshment coursed through me, ̈This trip might actually be helping!¨ I exclaim aloud. Maybe I should go on that hike, I think I saw a trail around here earlier. I grab any necessary gear, water bottles and a first aid kit, just in case and head towards the path leading into the forest.

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