The Eldritch in the Forest: Part 4- Awful Memories*

     When I woke up, I felt stiff but oddly comfortable, the scene felt familiar. Too familiar I was leaning against the cool car window, ¨No, wait…This can’t be.¨ I started shaking when I saw my younger brother sleeping on the seat next to me. My vision started to blur when I saw my mom and dad talking in the front seats. ¨Mom, Dad?¨, I managed to choke out. My mom turned to see me, she flashed a warm, kind smile.

     ¨Hey sweetie, sleep alright?¨ She saw the tears flooding from my eyes and her smile faded,¨Matt? What’s wrong, are you okay?¨ I couldn’t speak, I felt like I had just swallowed a roll of barbed wire. Was this real? 

     My dad shifted in his seat to look at me and asked me what was wrong but I couldn’t hear him or anything else. I could only hear my heart pulsing violently throughout my body. My brother had woken up by my mothers worried shouts. She started to shake me but I couldn’t feel her, I didn’t feel anything, I only felt the bitterness of knowing what would happen next, the same memory that had played on repeat in my head all these years.

      A red car peaked on the road ahead of us as my dad turned to look at me again, for what I knew was the last time. The headlights finally came into his view and he tried to swerve the car but it was too late. Time felt as if it had slowed, taunting me and making me watch the display unfold. Glass flew around our heads and my family tried to take cover but to no avail. I stayed in place, I could only watch. It all felt so tangible, but why couldn’t I do anything? 

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