The Eldritch In The Woods: Part 3- Unwelcome*

     When I walk through the wooded path I feel uneasy. Like maybe something was watching me. I glance around and turn my head in all directions only to find nothing but tall, leaning trees towering over me. Wait… Am I lost? I could swear that I was on a path but I look at my feet and there is only grass and crunched leaves beneath me. I feel that nauseousness again, like I’m going to hurl this morning’s lunch. ̈ Okay…̈ ,I let out a shaky sigh out, ̈ You’re being paranoid Matthew. Do not panic. Not again. You’re not lost.̈  But then I realize that I am in fact lost. It’s as if I was teleported or the woods moved on it’s own…¨Well, nothing will get done if I don’t move.¨ I try to get a sense of direction and start walking.


     I feel like I’ve been walking for hours. My feet are sore and are starting to numb, how long has it been? I dont have my phone with me so there’s that and to add on to the misfortune, I still have no clue as to where I am. ¨Gosh… why did I come here?¨, I felt like my life was draining itself. ¨What did I expect anyways, I- wait, what’s that?¨  It’s here.

      Stalking with it’s long limbs and camouflaging with the surrounding thicket. The Slenderman is back. It turns to look at me, and though it doesn’t even have eyes, I can still feel it’s ominous glare on me. It beckons me to come to it and, unwillingly, I stagger towards it. I couldn’t hear the leaves crunch or feel twigs snapping under my feet. I was numb but the only feeling I felt was my blood starting to bubble in my throat, churning all the way from my stomach. It burns too much and I start to cough it out as I’m reeled closer to the monstrosity before me. At that moment it was only me and…it. I fell to my knees and another pang of disgust filled my stomach, ¨Why is this happening?!¨, I cried to myself. And another nefarious, jarring voice answers in my head,¨Because you’re the last one left of your family. You owe me.¨ Then, there was nothing but darkness.

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