Prom 101: How to Get a Date in Three Days

Prom posters line the hallways to advertise the special night.

Prom is coming up this Saturday, and there are still a number of eligible seniors and juniors waiting for that special, or not-so-special date to come for them.  The prom is set apart specifically for upperclassman to enjoy, with the occasional lucky freshman or sophomore who is asked to go.  Chatter about prom dates, prom groups, and prom dresses begins after winter break.  Traditionally, boys are expected to ask a girl to the prom about a month so that girls can have time to pick out the perfect dress, and schedule hair and nail appointments.  Some girls pick out the perfect dress months before the dance, and even months before their dream date asks them to prom — that is, if they do ask.  Prom 2012 is this Saturday, Apr. 14, and only three days before there are still numerous girls left without dates.

There are many approaches girls can take to get that date to prom at such short notice.  Consider going to large sports stores, soccer fields, and shopping malls to spot out that special someone.  Do you need to know this guy before asking him?  No!  Going to these places would help you to see right away if the boy grooms himself properly, has friends (which would indicate that he is socially accepted among his peers), and has money (which would be clear depending on if he is holding shopping bags, and from where, or if he is a cheap window shopper with no bags).  All these qualifications add up to the perfect prom date!  Bring a sign with you that reads “Wanted: Prom Date – When: April 14th – Qualifications: Must be attractive and have money – Contact: InsertNameHere.”  This will make your goal clear to the public so more eligible boys will notice you.  Or, to take the more aggressive approach, the girl seeking for a date could simply walk up to the boy and ask him if he is busy on saturday.  If he replies “no” then she must go on to introduce herself and tell him that he is going to prom with her that saturday.

For those who are not for the whole in-person prom date hunting thing, there are websites available for finding fellow singles, or for renting a prom date. will help you rent a prom date so no one shows up on the dance floor alone.  There is also, for those seeking a religious man (be sure to filter the men out to 20 and younger).  Still hopeless and searching for a man?  Check Facebook friends for any boy who is listed as “single” and was not recently tagged in any photos asking a girl to prom.  Then simply write on his wall and ask him to prom.

With or without a date, all juniors and seniors should attend Prom 2012: Rock n’ Roll, this saturday, 8 p.m at the Henry B. Gonzales convention center!  Happy date hunting, Rattlers!

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Emily Brown is a senior at Ronald Reagan High School. She is in the Reagan Kantorei choir. Emily is one of the photographers on the newspaper staff. She plans to go to a university and major in photography next year after graduating. You can contact her at

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