Many students are using their platforms to post about people, movements, and issues that are important to them. 

One of the bigger movements, Black Lives Matter, or BLM, has 24.5 million posts on Instagram using the hashtag “blacklivesmatter”. One of the people who used this hashtag is Gabby Collins. She uses her Instagram account to post about inequality in the United States. Collins wants to post to keep people informed. 

When I post, people will see it and will most likely repost and it’s good to spread the word,” Collins said. “It also gives people an opportunity to see different things and so to see other people’s views on things.”

She believes she is making a positive change in the world by spreading awareness.

“I do believe I am making a change in the world because I help more people see what’s going on in the world by just saying how I feel and how I view things,” she said.

Gabby Collins, 10th grade




Peyton Richard also uses her Instagram to post about social justice. For Richard, she has many issues and causes she feels passionately about.I want to bring awareness to the BLM movement, the discrimination of the LGBTQ+ community, gender inequality, the immigration crisis, as well as the protests in Hong Kong,” Richard said. 

She believes that many of these issues directly affect the students here at Reagan.

“These movements affect almost everyone at Reagan due to the diversity of our school, we have students of color, students who are LGBTQ+, students who have immigrated. They deserve to have their voices heard and know we stand with them,” she said. 

She has been in multiple arguments with people who disagree with what she has posted but she will continue to post about issues because it is important to her. 

“These causes are important to me because they either directly affect me, a queer, Mexican female, or my friends and family who have been discriminated against,” she said. 

In addition to posting online she has signed online petitions and participated in peaceful protests and marches in support of equality. 

“All rights are human rights, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, or status,” she said.

Peyton Richards, 10th grade, posing with the LGBTQ+ flag