Students in high school work for a variety of reasons, no matter what the reasons it can be difficult to balance school work and jobs. 

     Students like Mahagani Lasciers and Dustin Galean are some of the many students who work after school. Lasciers is currently working at Panera Bread. 

     “If I’m working on a school day, I have co-op so I can leave two periods early and then I’ll stop at home to change and then I’ll work from 5 until 9:30,” Lasciers said. 

     Even though Mahagani wants to work in the science field after high school, she enjoys working at Panera Bread for right now. 

     “I am working because I want to not only make money but just build up experience before going off to college by myself,”  She said. 

     With a job and school work Mahagani had to quit dance because she couldn’t balance it all. 

      “I wouldn’t have enough room in my schedule and I couldn’t really advance much more,” Lasciers said. 

     However, unlike Lasciers, Dustin Galean has found the right balance between school, football, and his job as a lifeguard. 

     “I don’t have that much schoolwork and football practice is just morning and afternoon and then work, I just go right after football so it’s all just planned out,” Galean said. 

     Dustin has been working as a lifeguard for six months now and enjoys it. 

     “It’s super fun. We sit around and watch pools, control the slides, and just make sure everyone is doing what they need to do,” He said.