Walzem Road’s Chinese Buffet Gets Mixed Reviews


Loran Cochran
The Big Stick Newspaper

To some people, Chinese food is the best food you could ever eat. These people walk the buffet lines for many minutes sampling the many varieties offered in front of them under the sneeze guards. It is fried food with a far different taste than the American cuisine with delectable taste that we have become accustom to.
The buffet choices include egg rolls along with several chicken options including sweet and sour or lemon-flavored. The broccoli and beef plate is great when you combo it with chow mein noodles. Also included for your taste buds: an option of steamed or fried rice, teriyaki chicken, and wonton soup.
“My favorite food (at China Harbor) is the egg rolls and sweet and sour chicken,” Richard Lalone, junior, said.
China Harbor also offers seafood such as shrimp and fried fish that many students at Roosevelt and the surrounding community would enjoy.
“I liked the salmon (fish covered) with cheese sauce. It was really good,” Daniel Bowling, senior, said.
Not everyone had the same enthusiam for China Harbor as Bowling and Lalone did. Some students didn’t seem to enjoy the food at all.
“(China Harbor) food wasn’t that great (to me). I wouldn’t recommend it as a place to go eat,” Kendrick Baker, junior, said.
Food is a subject that will get a lot of attention and opinions. No one likes the same exact thing it seems.
Now, you can decide for yourself if China Harbor, located just a block away from Roosevelt High School is a good place to eat with friends or not. So until next time, Bon Appetite and enjoy your food wherever you choose to eat it.