The 20 Minute Deal


Students converse at lunch while waiting for the bell to ring. Photo by Dottie Lawson


How Will Students Use It?
Rachel Singleton
The Big Stick Newspaper
This school year’s bell schedule lunch has been extended 20 minutes and some students wish for other options such as practicing their musical instruments.
“Well, I want to go to the ball hand to practice, but I can’t because we are not allowed in the main RoughRider (three-story building), Jackie Bailey, sophomore, said.
Some students have thought of playing a sport and others are satisfied that they get more time to socialize.
“I like it (the current bell schedule) because we have more time to hang out with friends,” Andrew Robles, sophomore, said.
Also, students as well see this as a great opportunity to focus on academics and do homework ahead of time.
“I think that it is a good way to spend my time to study and catch up on any work needed,” Shelby Reyna, sophomore, said.
Roosevelt High School principal Richard Canales encourages teachers to think outside the box techniques to help students during this time.
“We (as educators) want to hear from you all and for students to take advantage of additional time in a positive way,” Canales said.
Many ideas have been thought of for what students would like to do with this time. Many educators on campus suggest tutorials for students will make a difference. Most agree that tutoring can be valuable and is one way to get ahead or makeup assignments
If students have any additional ideas, they would like to see happen, those students should let teachers and administrators know as soon as possible. Creative and productive solutions can make this time period be the best it can possibly be.


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