Contacting Roosevelt, New Campus Number


Roosevelt High School

The phone is ringing, for someone at the school, but now it’s a little easier to figure who is ringing for.

Everyone in Roosevelt has a new school phone number, with the schools phone number as (210)356-2200, which if called to any faculty member with a phone but the number change is built to be more accesible to people calling into the school. All the departments instead of having an extention number from the school’s numer, they will have their own phone number.

“Gosh I wish they hadn’t  done this. For years I knew all the numbers, and now I dont know any,” Pat Davie, campus receptionist, said.

As the school receptionist, Davie connects people calling from within the school to eachother or people from the outside calling in to who they want to talk to, so its important for her to know numbers, and names and to not confuse them.

“Since they changed the numbers I’ve had to rememorize the numbers, and the new numbers are all real close so sometimes I think im calling one person, but I’m not,” Davie said.

However, if someone calling knows the number of the department the want to talk to then they can call directly to the depart and don’t have to go through the main receptionist or the extension process.

“People can can dial directly and before they couldn’t,” Davie said. “So it’s a big help if calling in.”

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