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Creative Writing Class Possible Option for 2011-2012 School Year

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It’s been a discussion in several classes and students have asked teachers repeatedly.  Is Creative Writing a class offered on our campus?  The answer may soon be a resounding yes for everyone.
The calls for a Creative Writing class for regular Roosevelt High School students have been heard loud and clear, and now beginning in the 2011-2012 school year, such an option is being strongly considered for students interested in expressing themselves through poetry and imaginative stories.
According to sources, the newly formed class would be tied in with the English Department. However, there is currently no word on who will teach it or in what classroom it will be held if it is given the official green light to become a course.  If this information becomes available, it will be announced as soon as possible.
The DATA program known for its wide variety of options already features such a class, and now the rest of the RHS campus might be given the option to take Creative Writing to express their thoughts on paper in a variety of ways.
There is no word yet, as to if there will be a Creative Writing literary magazine to accompany the course.  
In conclusion, the hopes of many enthusiastic writers to have a class based on creative expression through writing on campus for everyone might soon be a reality.

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