The Majestic Woman

Arielle Massey
TBS Contributing Writer

Maria looked outside her palace. She looked at the green grass, yellow pastele colored roses, and vines that went up and down the palace walls, around the trees.
She glimosed at the full moon, the silver stars, they were breathe taking and looked like the milky way. Maria started to go outside in the garden. In the center was a fountain that had a beautiful mermaid with blue hair in the middle.
Maria got in and paced back and forth between the clear glittering water.Her eyes which are as black as day turned crimson red when the moonlight hit it. Her dark brown hair turned jet black, and her brown skin was warm and inviting.Her red dress made her look more like a godess than a princess, and she was as perfect and angelic as any girl to walk the earth. She was the very perfect, Majestic Woman.

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