College Is Pathway To Success

Brandi Carnes
TBS Contributing Writer
The question of why should students go to college has been a discussion in several classes. Simply stated, college is a ticket to an easier life.
With a college degree, employers will most likely look at you over the next person that only possesses a high school degree.
Some studies suggest that students with a college degree on average make more than double the salary of those without a degree. A higher education degree shows people you are serious about what you want to do, and shows you have the requirements and experience needed to do well.
With college, you fulfill all the things needed to pursue the career of your choice. College will give you those tools that create larger opportunities in your life and future.
College helps you build your foundation of success.
You will meet people who may help shape your life in a very positive way. Going to college means learning lessons that will stay with you and will never be forgotten.
Going to college will open doors for you that would not be there without a degree.

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