R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means to Be

Teacher’s sometimes find their jobs trying and difficult, but it is not only because of the mounds of papers they spend their nights grading, or the lengthy lesson plans they make to help students learn the necessary material for each course. A large part of a teacher’s stress comes from trying to find a way to work with all of the students in their classes. Teachers have to find a way to get along with students so that each class runs smoothly and learning is achieved.

“I feel that the relationships concerning respect are very fragile. Teachers and students are working everyday to improve their interactions. Everyday things are getting better,” Janie Smith, art teacher, said.

Some students find enjoyment in harassing teachers and causing as much mayhem in a class as possible. They are loud, obnoxious and rude to fellow classmates, teachers and other authority figures around campus. Most students have a class with someone who behaves in this manner.

“My reaction to disruptive students is initially anger because the teachers here do so much for us, but on second thought, I feel a little sad for them for the lack of proper home training and the need to validate their existence by acting out,” Donald Boston, senior, said.

Respect is a necessary trait for the world to function. Students complain that teachers have no respect for them and consider them to be “just kids.” What these students fail to notice is that they don’t show their teachers respect either. A quote that everyone knows is “respect is a two way street.” Teachers and students should find a common ground so that they can survive the year together.

“Respect is very important. It is the basis of any relationship, however, respect is earned. Most other cultures revere and respect their elders. In the United States, I feel that our younger generation have now concept of respect; they confuse respect and fear. Many think they deserve respect for just being, not what they have earned. The attitude is, if you respect me, I’ll respect you. Wrong! Mutual respect comes when the one who has earned respect gets it and then in return gives it,” Richard Free, english teacher, said.

Even if a person does not favor another based on their attitude, personality, looks, etc. respect can still be shown. Being best friends is not necessary, or even just being friends is not needed, all that is really required in society is a tolerance and respect for other people. In the words of the famous motown singer,Aretha Franklin, R-E-S-P-E-C-T do you know what it means to be? Find out.

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