Halloween Is Fun For Most People To Celebrate

Kathya Anguiano
TBS Contributing Writer

In my opinion, I think that Halloween is appropriate to celebrate because to me, it’s like any other holiday. I honestly don’t see why people view it as something bad.
To me personally, Halloween is just about kids getting together to have some fun and get a pillow full of one or more treats they love the most – that being candy ofcourse.
I think Halloween and trick-or-treating is a great idea for kids. It’s a chance for communities and street neighbors to get into the festive mood together and bond.
I also think Halloween is very commercialized if you let it be. You can make yourself a costume and have a unique Halloween this year and let this be a time where your community members connects with one another in a fun and creative manner.
You can also have games where the kids dress up and exchange candy in an area like a park that is supervised.
This year like many in the past, there is a debate on celebrating Halloween this weekend. Some people don’t care, they just don’t celebrate it at all. I think celebrating Halloween is a choice, you don’t have to and no one is forcing you to. You have to make that decision for yourself as to whether you think it’s worth celebrating or not.

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