Kim Namjoon’s Single Focuses of Love

By Gisselle Washington | Staff Writer |

Kim Namjoon performing his solo during the Love Yourself World Tour. Photo credit: @beyondjungshook

With a timely message empowering this generation to live life loving others, Kim Namjoon also known as RM, the leader of the highly successful internationally known Korean boy group BTS, produced his own solo track titled Trivia 承: Love, a lyrical masterpiece on the group’s latest album Love Yourself: Answer.

From the moment you press start, you are introduced to the wonderful and soothing sounds of a gentle piano, followed by a crescendo to a beautifully hand-crafted bass drop where RM begins to rap with an enticing flow. The rap accompanies a beat that is light and bouncy to make a marvelous soft chill pop song listeners will appreciate and admire deeply.

At the heart of the chorus, RM delivers an awe-inspiring interpretation of why the Korean words  시람 (salam), meaning people or human, and 시랑 (sarang), the action of loving are so similar in language is because they go hand in hand, living life and loving are essential to coexist together in this dark world.  

Compared to past works Namjoon has produced, Trivia 承: Love takes a special place in my heart, an anthem rooted in a positive message of true acceptance of yourself. This single takes a wonderful journey to the ultimate and most powerful love, self-love, and also encourages listeners to find it within themselves to not only accept themselves but to accept others, even with their faults, and love them also. I guess you could say this is my national anthem.

I live so I love