‘The Search’ is NF’s greatest work yet

By Marcos Perales | Staff Writer |

NF is a rapper who has been making music since 2014, and somehow he still went largely unnoticed, until now. He was never in the same conversation as the modern rappers of today. Now this year it is said that he will be recognized as one of the greatest rappers of all time.

On July 26, 2019, NF’s latest album “The Search” was released. This album consists of twenty songs that talk about what he is going through as a person. That is why his album is the best in the country right now, because so many people can relate to his music. 

Before 2014, NF released his debut mixtape back in 2010, it was called “Moments.”

He released it under his real name, Nathan Feuerstein. He then went on to make his second album in 2015 called “Mansion,” his third “Therapy Session” in 2016, his fourth “Perception” in 2017, and this past summer he released his latest “The Search.”

From his album “Mansion” and on, his record label has been Capitol Records and his music producer has been Thomas James. That is also when his music started to get more and more attention. It is clear that his latest album is the best; that is the public opinion. That is also my opinion. “The Search” is available in stores and on his official merch site.

NF started out using a karaoke machine. He would record his instrumentals in one microphone, and his raps in another. He had a rough childhood, and rapping was his escape.

His input of raw emotion, real and honest lyrics, is what helped him shoot straight to the top, and he’s been doing that from the beginning. Not all of the songs on “The Search” are the same. On this album, NF decided to change it up and sing in some of his songs, and not just rap. An example of this is his song “Trauma.” He does not rap at all in that song, it is pure singing. Sometimes it is a mix between the two styles in one song. In his song “Like This,” he starts out ny rapping, but his hook is him singing. This year his album another known rapper for the number one spot, who is Chance, in ranks and people are wondering why that is the case. My favorite part about his music, is that he never uses cuss words. Rappers have a bad reputation of constantly using cuss words in every one of their songs, but that is not the case with NF. That is what truly separates him from other artists, the ability to fully express what he feels through real words and not filler cuss words.

NF has said that he does not like to waste time when it comes to his music. His plan is to release an album a year. It took him almost two years to release “The Search.” That said, that means that he put a lot of effort into this album, that is why it is his best work yet. This album is a piece of great art and is definitely worth picking up for an out of this world experience. It debuted as number one on the Billboard after all.