America’s next bop star, Lizzo, rises to mainstream success

By Gisselle Washington | Big Stick Editor |

Known professionally as the musical artist Lizzo, Melissa Viviane Jefferson is the music industry’s next star, as she terms herself- “America’s next bop star” in her Twitter bio. 

Lizzo posing for Billboard Magazine. Photo credit Billboard.

Lizzo’s talent act includes playing the flute while twerking, dancing, singing, and rapping. While having the whole musical package, her music resonates with her fans speaking of messages of self-love and acceptance as she embraces her body and not conforming to societal beauty standards.

The multi-talented artist has been in the music industry for the past nine years. She rose to mainstream success with the release of her full album Cuz I love you which charted #4 on the Billboard 200 in 2019. The deluxe version of the album included re-released single “Truth Hurts” from 2017 which topped the Billboard Hot 100 song chart at #1. 

Lizzo represents a new breath of fresh air for the music industry. She calls to focus the struggles young adults face in today’s society, grown from judgement and perfectionism. Every day through the quick access of social media networks we see what society deems beautiful, subconsciously hurting our self image and our calculation of self worth. Lizzo calls for us to “Go on dust your shoulders off, keep it moving” from pain the world subjects us to and make ourselves feel “good as hell.” (Good as Hell, Cuz I Love You )

Growing up in Houston, Texas was the beginning of her musical journey. She picked up learning to play the flute in marching band then moved to Minneapolis to become a recording artist. Lizzo shared a story on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah about almost quitting music because of her father’s passing since he was the one who motivated her to do music and through grief, she felt no need to continue because he was gone. But soon after she came to the revelation that her dad didn’t push her to pursue music just for her to share with an audience but to pursue music to save herself. 

Her album, Cuz I love you,  is worth a listen on your spare time. The discography is filled with passion and power. The song “Juice” has a throwback 80s groove vibe with heavy guitar in the background. It’s a power anthem of embracing your body and accepting your size. “Soulmate” is a nice pop song that will lighten your mood as it talks about loving yourself and being your own soulmate. Lastly “Tempo” is a fresh hip hop song in collaboration with Missy Elliot is a jam. Both of their styles of rap complement each other and it speaks to female empowerment. 

Lizzo deserves the mainstream success she is receiving. She is genuine and delivers music that reflects on messages that are closest to her and provide love and encouragement to her fans.  True artistry is when you can not only create appeasing music to the ear but can also speak authentic messages to an audience.

Cuz I Love You is available on Itunes and all streaming music platforms.