Why the MCU is Bad for Spider-Man

By Marcos Perales | Staff Writer |

So Spider-Man is back in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man fans worldwide are hyped about the news. Marvel and Sony agreed on a new deal and everything is sunshine and rainbows. Nothing could possibly go wrong. As a Spider-Man fan, my opinion goes against everyone who is on board with the new deal.

Many people may be confused as to why I feel this way about the new agreement that Sony and Marvel have come to. Fans were in panic mode from the middle of August to most of September. I was celebrating when I heard the news that Marvel and Sony were calling it quits.

I have to admit that it was pretty cool to see Spider-Man interact with the rest of the Marvel universe. The whole thing brought comic books to life. So I am not saying the whole operation was terrible, I enjoyed some of the experience. In fact, I appreciate a different point of view on some things such as a fictional character, but not when it messes up a character I know and love. Although, the MCU got some details wrong about Spider-Man. That is where I draw the line.

Sony has been criticized for some of their work on Spider-Man, but I loved all of it.

For example, ‘Spider-Man 3’ got an unbelievable amount of hate when it came out in theaters back in 2007. The movie still gets the same hate today. I got excited when Spidey was making his way back to Sony, because then Sony would have another chance to prove that they could make a good Spider-Man movie. The main reason why I disagree with the MCU version of Spider-Man, is that the movies got Spider-Man’s motive for being a hero wrong. In the comics, his uncle dies at the hands of a criminal who Spider-Man had a chance to stop before. He did not stop him because he wanted his mini revenge on a guy who did not pay him what he earned when he entered a wrestling ring. He let the guy get robbed. He had no idea that the exact same robber would go on to kill his Uncle Ben. Before his Uncle Ben died, Spider-Man learned that with great power comes great responsibility. He took those words to heart, and he has been fighting criminals and standing up for the little guy ever since. The MCU is trying to fill the missing piece who is Uncle Ben with Tony Stark who is Iron-Man.

So while I am not content with the new deal, I am looking forward to see what Marvel does with their third Spider-Man movie. I know a lot of Spidey fans who have taken my side with my opinion. Most of those fans are the ones who read the comic books. I think that a lot of people are blinded by all the special effects and all the action packed scenes, that they overlook the roots Spider-Man is supposed to live by. So in the end, Sony came a lot closer to bringing the real Spider-Man to life on the big screen than the MCU ever did.