A New Face in the ETA Community

By Samuel Rocha | Assignments Editor |

Mrs. Lund teaches Engineering Math to her 4th period class. Photo by Samuel Rocha

Morgan Lund is an Engineering and Technology Academy first-year teacher coming from Bryan ISD, in Bryan, Texas. 

Lund took the place of Kevin Nardo, who left last year.

“This is my sixth year teaching, I’ve taught four years in High School, one year in middle school, all at Bryan ISD near A&M college station,” Lund said. 

Lund got her master’s degree in Geo-Tech engineering after she graduated high school.

ETA student Coby Bell takes notes in Lund’s 4th period engineering math class. Photo by Samuel Rocha


“Geo-technical engineering is soil science… using earth as a construction material… you can use earth to block water or support other loads in different ways,” Lund said. 

She became an engineer, shortly after receiving her degree, in College Station, about an hour away from her hometown in Conroe. 

“I worked for about 10 years as an engineer in private practice for a company in college station,” Lund said. “We did residential construction, I was their geo-technical engineer but I also did structural engineering and civil engineering like the sight planning.”

Lund came to a point where she wanted to switch it up a bit and try teaching.

“I always wanted to teach… it just came to a point where I needed to change careers so I wanted to try teaching and see, and it turned out I loved it so I’ve stuck with it,” Lund said.

Now she teaches engineering math, aerospace engineering, and engineering/design and presentation to about 110 students a day and is enjoying the new environment. 

“She’s interactive and helpful around the classroom,” junior Jackie Gonzalez said. “She’ll also go one-on-one with me and help out.”