Parasite stuns as social commentary thriller

By Gisselle Washington | Big Stick Editor |

Money is ingrained in our society. It lifts up the lives of some and leaves for dust the lives of others. Given the opportunity to reverse the rules of status, the Kim Clan puts their destiny in their own hands. But at what cost? Symbolic of the relationship between social classes, Parasite sheds light on a grim story of pursuing a dream in capitalistic society-survival. Does the ends always justify the means? 

Bong Joon Ho, the director behind Snowpiercer and The Host among South Korea’s highest grossing movies, delivers a timely social commentary for the ages. 

Released on Oct. 11, 2019, Parasite illustrates the life of the less fortunate Kim clan and the wealthy Park Family. Through the most perfectly aligned circumstances, the families cross paths. The Kim clan sets up a scheme to have all members of their family work for the Park Family under different identities to survive. From the moment the Kim clan is fully wrapped in this scam and working within the Park House the horror unfolds. 

Parasite has broken many barriers for an International Film in the United States. It has received many praises from critics receiving a 99 percent score on Rotten Tomatoes. The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film, National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Film, and Screen Actors Guild Award for Cast in a Motion Picture. Parasite is also in consideration for the Oscars highly coveted category Best Picture, a first for a Korean film. 

I praise the film for its ability to connect viewers with the experiences of people who are culturally different than us but speaking to the same struggle of classism. Parasite is best viewed with no expectations or preconceived judgments. The film is worth applauding for its wonderful cast who portrays each character in an authentic way highlighting their weaknesses and strengths. Your eyes will be opened to the relationship between different classes and empower you to have a conversation on classism. 

Parasite is still showing in theaters including the Quarry and Live Oak and The Oscars will be airing Feb. 9, 2020. 

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