Airpods Got the Drip, But That’s About It

By Zakary Rodriguez | Advertising Manager |

When it comes to wireless bluetooth earbuds, everyone knows Apple and their Airpods, but there’s been a growing debate between Apple’s now iconic Airpods and the newest pair of bluetooth earbuds on the market: Raycons. While Raycons may not be as iconic as Apple’s Airpods, don’t let all the noise of Apple’s brand distract you from the fact that there are better bluetooth earbuds on the market, and those earbuds are Raycons. 

The first major difference between Airpods and Raycons is their price point. Raycons starting price, for their wireless bluetooth earbuds, is $79.99 while Airpods starting price point is $159. It’s worth noting that all Raycon earbuds offer noise cancellation while the only model of Airpods that off noise cancellation are the Airpod Pros, priced at $249.

As far as the specs, Raycon’s $79.99 E25 earbuds offer noise cancellation with silicon tips, which offers better overall sound quality than the Airpods Second Generation do. The E25 earbuds also offer six hours of playback time on one full charge, superior to Apple’s airpods five hours, but both the E25 and the Airpod cases offer a 24 hour battery life on a full charge.  Unlike Apple’s Airpods, the E25 earbuds compact design fits entirely in your ear, as opposed to Apple’s design which leaves the stem of the earbud hanging out on the outside of your ear.

Although Raycon’s E25 earbuds surpass Apple’s airpods sound quality and battery life, they fall short in several aspects including the lack of sensors on the earbuds, meaning that they, unlike Apple’s Airpods, do not pause automatically when taken out of your ear. Although the E25 earbuds don’t offer an exterior sensor to pause/skip tracks or answer calls, as the Airpods do, they do offer a button that has the same functions. 

Although the button of the E25 earbuds was something to get used to, it’s completely overshadowed by their sound quality. Raycon earbuds offer better sound quality, a more compact look, a longer battery life, and for half of the price of Apple’s cheapest Airpods. 

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