We Just Had to Get Out This Summer

By Marcos Perales | Big Stick Editor |

The day before my senior year started, I was coming back from Corpus Christi. I was with my family and some other relatives. We spent the boiling hot weekend over there and spent most of our time on the beach, which is in the outside world. We had a good time and it was good to show physical affection to my extended family and not be so afraid. As we were coming back though, I realized that I did not feel comfortable the whole time we were there. Even though there was no visible danger, was it really wise to get out and do what we wanted with everything going?

“Stay inside,” the authorities said. Those words were with me over half the trip. Here I am getting annoyed at the fact that people are not listening to those words, but I realized that I am one of those people also. I enjoyed my time out there, but then again, I didn’t.

From 809,850 to 2,485,134, That is the drastic change of traveler throughput throughout the world from a year ago to Sept. 13, 2020 according to tsa.gov. It’s a good thing that quite a bit of people are listening to the guidelines that the authorities have set out. I would say that a good amount of people are taking the pandemic seriously but clearly not enough. The scary thing is that one doesn’t have to travel a long way for the coronavirus to do its thing. Although you can’t get it just by stepping out of your house for a second, so thank goodness. The main or fundamental point of traveling though is to “get out of routine,” and I guess many don’t realize how important it is to stay in routine.  

I get the whole motive though. “This quarantine is taking forever!” I feel the same way and that’s probably the main reason why I wanted to go to Corpus Christi. America got some hope when our president Donald Trump said that we would have a vaccine to distribute by Nov. 3, which is election day, or before that day. Yes, it seems like our vaccine is being motivated by politics. Scientists are saying that they won’t let the political pressure get to them and they will have a vaccine ready when it’s safe enough to use it on people.

We’ll see what happens when election day comes around. All we can do right is keep our emotions of wanting to break out of our homes under control. Sure, we can go to some isolated places like walking trails to just get out for a bit, but that’s simply not enough for a lot of people and they take it as “I guess I can go wherever I want now.” We still have to take this thing seriously if we want to survive, even if the locals are saying that it’s “safer” if we want to survive.