Opinion: Biden, Harris have opportunity to fix America

By Madison McDay | Staff Writer |

Photo by Michael Stokes on Flickr.com / CC BY-2.0

The election this year is very serious because of all of the issues in America. There’s a lot of tension between Biden and Trump supporters. It may be dangerous for certain communities because Trump lost. The whole country depends on the next leader of the country. Which is why we need to be sure we put the right person in office.

As they insulted each other, both candidates have had their incompetent moments. However, settling for Biden will help America. It will be safer now that Biden has been elected. If Trump was re-elected all that would’ve done is give him more time to do more damage. With Biden as president, we have a new 4 years to see what we can do to fix America.

With Biden projected as winner, this also means Kamala Harris is now our Vice President-Elect. Harris will be a better vice president than Mike Pence. Harris has had experience as a Black woman trying to get to where she is now. She has tried to please the white voters in the past by downplaying Black voters. But when she spoke up about BLM and racial injustices she received a lot of criticism.

Harris and Biden have made bad choices but so have Trump and Pence. Now that Biden has been elected, they can work together and hopefully bring good things to America and fix all of our issues.

America is leading in debt and COVID cases because of Trump. When he was elected into office he promised to rid of all the debt but in his 4 years of presidency the debt has increased by nearly $7 trillion. America is leading in corona cases at over 9 million cases. If Trump was re-elected these numbers will only get higher which means the end of America. When Biden is sworn in and Trump is out of office we can work towards a better future for America.