Next Generation Gaming is Worth It

A little over 8 months in quarantine and now we’re at this point. We’ve survived partly because of all the creativity that was uncovered in the state of everyone’s torturing boredom. While everyone was inventing their own fun, gamers have stuck to their ways, and November is a big month for them. This month a whole new generation of gaming will be released with the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Sony and Microsoft released their current gen consoles in 2013. The Playstation 4 and Xbox One sold very well on their launch dates and beyond. This along with them later releasing the Playstation 4 Pro and Xbox One S in 2016, then the release of Xbox One X in 2017, an unofficial gaming console war was initiated. Between this and both consoles having their own exclusive video games, it’s going to be a hard decision for gamers who are looking to buy their next gen console. Not many can afford both consoles. The question is: Are these consoles worth it?

Both companies have expressed their thoughts on this whole pandemic as strongly affects their businesses just like everyone else. Because of this, Sony is releasing game titles that are for Playstation 5 on Playstation 4 as well, and will include a free upgrade once the owner gets ahold of their Playstation 5. On the other hand, Microsoft will be releasing their new Xbox Series S console alongside their Series X. The Series S software will not be equal, but less powerful than the Series X. It is still a nice introduction to what the new tech has to offer. Microsoft is also offering free game upgrades from the Xbox One to the Xbox Series X. A new feature under Microsoft called “Smart Delivery” will allow the player to download new games that are for the Series X and S, an Xbox One version of the games.

While this is all great news to gamers alike, actually getting one of these consoles is a different story and discussion. Xbox Series X/S launched on Nov. 10 and Playstation 5 launched on Nov. 12. The nightmares about the pre-order dates from back in September repeated themselves on the launch dates. Retailers like Target, Gamestop, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy all had their websites crashing while everyone was spamming their cart at the same time to attempt to get an order in. Some were very fortunate and got throu

gh the checkout process, but others were broken-hearted when the retailer sites kicked the consoles out of their carts. Only a few stores have said when they are going to restock their shelves. Other than that, there is no way of knowing when the “Add to Cart” button will light up again until Black Friday. Nov. 27 is the next biggest chance for everyone who has not secured their console.

Target has confirmed that they will have Xbox and Playstation in stock in stores post launch but the same cannot be said for other stores. Everyone knows those are going to get claimed in seconds. Staying up all night and refreshing the multiple tabs at once is an option, although waiting longer is one too. Sony and Microsoft have been reassuring customers that they shouldn’t give up hope, as they will continue to add stock wherever and whenever they can.

I think it is worth waiting for the site traffic to die down a little bit; these consoles are a huge step up that will set you up for the next 7-8 years based on how long it took this generation of consoles to finally get here from the last generation.