Sandra Bullock excels in Birdbox

By Madison McDay | Staff Writer |

An invisible demon or creature spreads throughout the world making anyone who sees it want to commit suicide. In the film the creatures are never shown but their presence is portrayed by leaves rustling and ominous voices. It’s unclear exactly what these entities are, demons, creatures,aliens, or ghosts are possibilities. In order to stay safe from these entities they wore blindfolds over their eyes. However with the blindfold they still were not safe. The entities can mock voices and whisper false ideas into their ears attempting to get them to take their blindfolds off. There are also Psychos who can see the entity and not be harmed but feel pleasure. They think everyone should see the entity which definitely is not the case.

Birdbox is a film released on Dec. 21,2018 starring Sandra Bullock playing the astounding role of Malorie. The director Susanne Bier who also directed In a Better World and Brothers, is the first female director to win a Golden Globe, an Emmy award, and a European film award collectively. The movie is based on the book written by Josh Malerman. The estimated budget for the movie is $19.80 million.

Birdbox is a movie about a woman named Malorie and two kids, Boy and Girl, fighting to survive a post-apocalyptic nightmare.The film begins with Malorie in her apartment with her sister Jessica. They are having a conversation when the news comes on about the mass suicides in other countries.They ignore the news because of course it’s not happening here. Fast forward to Malorie walking out the hospital she notices a woman banging her head in the window. When she steps outside, it’s pure chaos. It quickly becomes obvious to her that whatever was happening in those other countries has made its way here.

Throughout the movie, we get to see what’s happening in the past and the present. Malorie keeps boy and girl close to her no matter what. The character Malorie is extremely powerful and inspiring. Her strength kept not only her alive but also Boy and Girl. Sandra Bullock really took on the role of Malorie. Bullock‚Äôs blindfold was on for almost half the film. The way she portrayed Malorie is absolutely astonishing. This movie is scary for some but if you are a fan of horror movies or would love a good scare I definitely recommend. This movie is on netflix so if this interest you check it out over the break!!