Mask fashions offer fun choices for safety

By Nyera De La Cruz | Contributing Writer |

The fashion industry has been around since the 1800s , but have you thought about how the fashion industry influenced the very masks you own inside your home? Notice how almost all your favorite celebrities have promoted brand face masks, or even what the face masks may look like in your very home. Do you care for the face covers?

Face masks in 2020 have gotten entirely popular to wear , considering you need to wear one out in the open. More than 85% of Americans wear a face cover from the Pew Research Center survey conducted Aug. 3 to 16 , Pew Research Center stated . It is a way for students to express their closet style, while additionally slowing the spread of COVID-19.

“I think the reason face masks are so eye-catching is because it’s the first thing anybody sees in the public like with social media ,” freshman Andrea Butron said. “I think people like the idea of wearing their favorite brand’s symbol on their face. It benefits everyone, people are happy, the companies are still making money, everyone wins and everything with COVID I think people are really just starting to see COVID more normal now, so the next big thing mostly younger people are worried about is how they look in public.”

Companies like Zumiez or even high end designer companies like Burberry or Louis Vuitton have launched their set of purchasable face masks. A lot of people are drawn to such companies. Depending on these well known companies prices vary from $5 mask to nearly $300.

“Growing up, fashion had big changes especially in young teens,” Parent Maria Martinez said. “ It was celebrities who made the trends, who started trends in fashion. If somebody like a singer was really big, and they wore something everyone seemed to like then people would go out to try to copy that style.”

Now many celebrities are now promoting wearing face covers. Paris Hilton promotes her face covers on instagram and offers her audience to purchase face covers of her own line. Other celebrities or well known tik tok / social media stars like Charli D’Amelio have also spread the word to wear face masks. 

Adding style and color can always make something that is required more enjoyable and personalized,” teacher John Pullen said. “ That’s what makes wearing masks a little more bearable. I think without the color and style, people would still wear masks, but more reluctantly. I would be inclined to buy a mask that references pop culture icons, animals (like cats), or brands that interest me.”

Face masks come in lots of prints, designs, and colors. The browsing selection offered by many companies helps you choose your perfect mask while wearing face covers that keeps you safe from exposure of COVID at the same time.