Feel the Thrill with Among Us

By Alexandra Moss | Contributing Writer


   Crewmate or imposter? Both have one thought in mind, defeat the other and win the game. This social deduction game where you use brains and strategy to win is called “Among Us.” Among Us is a popular online video game that was created by InnerSloth on June 15, 2018. 

This game is not in a series, although a sequel was close to coming out before it was canceled. Innersloth has made a few other games after the success of “Among Us,” but it remains t

he first and most popular game of theirs. The average rating of Among Us is 4.5/5 on the app store and play store, and people of all ages agree that it is a creative, easy to use game. There are 4-10 players in each lobby and game specs such as speed and number of imposters (1-3) are decided by the creator of the lobby. 

   When the game begins, the crewmates (non-imposters) go to do their tasks to try and save the ship they are on while the imposters kill crewmates and sabotage the ship attempting to stop crewmates from completing tasks. When a crewmate finds a dead body, they can report it, and then all the members of the lobby, both crew and imposters, talk about what they have seen and try to figure out who the imposters are. Then after the discussion time is completed, everyone can vote on who they believe the imposter is. The person with the most votes is ejected from the ship. The imposters win by killing everyone and crewmates win by completing tasks or getting all the imposters ejected. 

    The game is very well made, the graphics are smooth and it is very simple to use while still being fun to play. The creators even included a mechanic for when you die and become a ghost you can communicate with other ghosts and talk in the chat while completing tasks. Adding the ghost feature allows for players who get killed or voted off to still interact and enjoy the game. The game is created very cartoonish, but that just adds to the experience. This game is  unique and should get its own category in gaming because of this. 

   Among Us is worth it 1000% percent. It’s a special and creative game everyone should get to experience at least once. On phones and tablets the game is free, while on pc it’s $5 with a few extra accessories. Being an imposter and crewmate are both amazing experiences that each make this an extremely enjoyable game.