About the Big Stick

The Big Stick is the student news publication of Theodore Roosevelt High School, operating online since Sept. 24, 2010. The Big Stick is updated weekly or as events occur on campus.

The Big Stick name is derived from Teddy Roosevelt’s famous quote “speak softly and carry a big stick.”

The Big Stick Online received an Achievement Rating at the 2015 Interscholastic League Press Conference.

As a student publication, the viewpoints expressed in this publication do not express those of the faculty or staff of Roosevelt High School or the North East Independent School District.

The staff members of the Big Stick follow the Code of Ethics as stated by the Society of Professional Journalists.

The publication will restrict student information as required by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act. Parents of Roosevelt students may update their settings at any time through the Parent Portal at NEISD to make sure their students are able to be recognized in the publication.

Based upon the district’s interpretation of FERPA, the Big Stick will publish names and photos of students who indicate permission on the district-issued FERPA form, Parent Portal, or the district’s Community Relations Student Release form. Photos taken at public events are not FERPA-checked, and will be identified in the caption as public events.

We welcome your comments on our stories. Please identify yourself by e-mail address. Comments must be relevant to the story and appropriate for school audiences to receive approval.