Take Care of Your Mind

By Marcos Perales | Big Stick Editor | I remember talking to my friends in person back in March 2020. “This will blow over soon,” a couple of us said. We thought the coronavirus was just a hiccup or a little complication; it wouldn’t affect our everyday lives. Now here we are trapped in our own worlds and minds still […]

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Feel the Thrill with Among Us

By Alexandra Moss | Contributing Writer      Crewmate or imposter? Both have one thought in mind, defeat the other and win the game. This social deduction game where you use brains and strategy to win is called “Among Us.” Among Us is a popular online video game that was created by InnerSloth on June 15, 2018.  This game is not […]

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Postpone the NBA

By Marcos Perales | Big Stick Editor | When all of us were told that we were going to be in quarantine back in March, some of us thought this whole thing was going to blow over. Little by little, things started shutting down, including sports. Sports were probably among the top things people were looking forward to watching on […]

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