Win or Go Home.

           The Reagan Rattlers were stunned, not at the end of the game, but by half-time. They found themselves in a bind, and tried to come back from a deficit of 24-0. Delvage McIntyre, senior, scored twice only five minutes into the game. Then, Quinton Sheffield, senior, and Devante Jackson, senior,  racked up a total of […]

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Dribble Dribble, Shoot Shoot, Put That Ball Right Through the Hoop

     Basketballs slam against the floor as their owners dribble them down the court. A screaming coach barks out orders on how to improve her players. Basketball season has now begun.      While the girls basketball team didn’t have official tryouts, they have rounded up some great players. Girl’s basketball coach, Sandra Murphy, has high hopes for her teams […]

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