Miners in Chile


The trapped miners in Chile and their families have received new hope in being reunited. On Wed. Sept. 29, officals told news reporters that their plans are ahead of schedule. They plan to have the tunnels drilled to bring the miners out from underground by mid-Oct. This is almost two months ahead of the originally scheduled date. “I am hopeful […]

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Mosque or Not Near Ground Zero?


STILL SETS A BUNDLE OF QUESTIONS Paloma Novoa The Big Stick Newspaper Many members of our country have been patiently waiting on the answer to if the Islamic mosque will be built in New York City two blocks away from ground zero (the former site of the World Trade Center which collapsed from attack on Sept. 11 2001). There are many opinions on whether this […]

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The 20 Minute Deal

    How Will Students Use It? Rachel Singleton The Big Stick Newspaper This school year’s bell schedule lunch has been extended 20 minutes and some students wish for other options such as practicing their musical instruments. “Well, I want to go to the ball hand to practice, but I can’t because we are not allowed in the main RoughRider (three-story […]

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