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NEISD superintendent reflects on the 2020-2021 school year
by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief After a year like no other, with many changes possible in the future, Superintendent Sean Maika visited campus to reflect on the district’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. “In August, when my staff and I b (More)
Alamo Drafthouse Stone Oak location expected to reopen soon
by Chloe Jordan | tech editor  The vibrant buzz of the screen, the nostalgic smell of greasy popcorn, the fade of the soft amber lights dimming. All these things contribute to the recognizable experience of going to the movies. The classic trip to (More)
Virtual student reflect on decision to stay home
by Kenneth Rosa | staff writer As the school is beginning to come to a close, many of our students who are still attending classes have felt regretful for remaining at home.  “Well I was kind of scared about COVID, and also I thought it would b (More)
NEISD eases limited COVID protocols
by Isai Carmona | staff writer Outdoor campus mask mandates have been lifted after further information was received from Health Services and the CDC. "We felt comfortable outdoors,” Principal Gary Comalander said. “If kids in PE, athletics, or (More)
Cancelled prom gives way to privately hosted events
by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief Campus administration has announced there will be no prom for the 2021 school year. “All spring we’ve been trying to find a place to hold the number of people, fit all the safety criteria that exists locally (More)
COVID's effect on Spring Auditions
This is what it's like to get the Covid-19 vaccine
Monica Smith | staff writer The state opened up vaccine eligibility for all Texans on March 29 which means now even students can get in line. Junior Ava Cadena is one of the high school students who was able to get the vaccination.  “My step (More)
Students, faculty get their shot
In-person instruction not expected to change despite rise in local COVID cases
by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief Following a rise in COVID-19 cases after the holidays, junior Sara Vilera asked herself the question: will NEISD schools be closing again? “I am definitely scared of schools closing again because I don't work (More)
Students reminded not to take advantage of distance, in-person options
by Joseph Sweeney | editor-in-chief With many students bound to their computer screens, art and photography teacher Analisa Shinn reflects on what made previous school years different from this one. “To say that it’s been a weird year is kind o (More)
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