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A Chest In The Attic
One dark, gloomy night, Billy and his best friend, Sam were outside having fun, until they heard a little girl\'s loud scream in Billy\'s house. The two boys were terrified , so they went inside and asked Billy\'s mom if she heard the same scream. Bi (More)
The random chest
It was a very rainy day outside so I stayed inside my house the lightning struck the house. Curiosity got the best of my so I went to investigate the noise I thought it was a fire. It turned out to be a colorful chest I approached the chest with extr (More)
The Cat in the Attic
I feel the jolt of Dad\'s car as it stops. I look over at the window, aggravated. Dad looks over at me and lets out a large huff. I push my light blonde hair from my face and glance over at him. \"What? You expect me to be excited that you\'re sendin (More)
Into The Light
\"  Hello is anybody there ?\" Mackensie (Mack)  said  in a faint whisper, suddenly  a bright light brighter than the sun flashed in her face. Mack covered her eyes,in horror she let out a ear piercing scream. Then Beep beep, her alarm clock goes off (More)
Solitary Confinement
Thomas has never killed anyone, but he was convicted of murder twice.  Both times he was framed because he was the closest one to the scene.  This time he was thrown into a prison-like cell where all he could see was white. \"Maybe this will set h (More)
The Mysterious Hudson Plane Crash
US Airways Flight 1549 will take off down the runway in about five minutes. I sit back and try to relax into my chair. Something doesn\'t feel right. I look out through my window to the other waiting planes, and sigh. Why is the plane still not movin (More)
The Silent Lake
\"This place... it\'s not exactly what Sis described....\" A teenage boy spoke. He had slightly emo, deep black hair, with dark blue eyes, that seemed to stare straight through anyone he looked at. The boy was wearing black skinny jeans, and a black (More)
 I feel it in my bones.My crippled mind fallsAs we walk this damned road.Do you really think I care?Are you really that stupid?How many times do I have to tell you?How many times must we go through this?I do not love youNot any more.You ripped my fra (More)
Chapter 2: Stolen Souls
By: Jacy Hornsby The next morning it was as awkward as possible. We sat in total silence. I never looked at her directly in the eyes. I decided the kiss was a weird dream , even though I knew it wasn\'t, and went on with life. \"Ms. Kino, can Lita (More)
Potato joe
  One day a potato named joe jogged up the big hill on the far end of his town. when he got to the top he could see his whole town he said “man my town looks pretty”. after he said that he yelled “well better get going down my wife is making po (More)
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