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On-campus case numbers follow state, national trends
Lauryn Chavez | sports editor After the temporary closure of NEISD schools during the cold front, COVID cases on-campus have been decreasing. “There has been a decrease over the last week or two really since the cold spell," principal Gary Coma (More)
Why students are missing out on taking extra foreign classes
Lauryn Chavez | sports editor Although only two years of foreign language are required, teachers still encourage students to take additional language courses to further benefit the student over time.  “Once you get into that third year of langu (More)
Students get COVID testing to comply with school, work rules
by Lauryn Chavez | sports editor With frequent possible exposures to COVID-19, students have had to endure COVID tests before returning to school or work. However, there are different ways students can get tested depending on who they’re getting t (More)
Theatre’s finding COVID friendly ways to perform for their audience
by Lauryn Chavez | sports editor Because protocols on gathering during COVID are strict, theater has had to adapt from their traditional showing of their plays. For the showing of “Much Ado About Nothing,” Co-Theatre Director, Megan Thompson, expe (More)
Worth it? Or Overrated? Netflix Christmas Edition
Lauryn Chavez | sports editor Jingle Jangle After a famous toy maker, Jeronicus J (More)
Congresswoman encourages voting with video game
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer On October 21 recognized congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, played the popular “Among Us” game on “Twitch” (a video live streaming service) to promote voting in this year’s 2020 election.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cor (More)
Fans learn to adjust to new rules for fans to still sit in the stands
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer Dedicated football fan and junior Emma Fraser is still attending games this year despite new protocols for fans in the stands. People attending can no longer cheer on their team in the student section, but instead soci (More)
NHS application ready for hopeful applicants
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer National Honor Society applications are being sent out to qualified applicants, and will be due on October 9. “Both juniors and seniors can receive applications it's just based on their unweighted GPA,” English teac (More)
Campus sends guidelines, protocols for incoming phase 3 students
by Katie Barton & Lauryn Chavez | staff report Phase 3 is starting on Monday Oct. 5 and in an email sent to all Johnson families Principal Gary Comalander  detailed the expectations for on-campus students.  Moving into phase 3 means that th (More)
Clock's ticking for first time voters to get registered
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer The deadline for registering to vote will be October 5 for this year's election. And people that are planning to vote for the first time this year may be unaware of that. “We’re in Bexar County and Bexar County has (More)
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