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How can students return to in-person learning?
by Tala Kamil | staff writer Although the Johnson campus is fully phased in, there is still the option for students to come back to campus if they had previously chosen the remote option. “Students and parents can notify us by specific dates th (More)
Administration seeking solutions to falling student grades
by Kenneth Rosa | staff writer Districts across the state are seeing a record number of students failing in more than one class both virtually and on campus.   “We pulled a report about a week ago that showed us all students that failed one or (More)
Students who have jobs may face pressure to complete assignments
by Monica Smith | staff writer Every high school student is familiar with the workload of academic responsibilities that are expected to be met within a certain word count or due date. But for those juggling a job during the day and various assign (More)
Deaf etiquette - respecting deaf culture and being inclusive
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer As an American Sign Language teacher and member of the deaf community, one of Brett Koch’s jobs is to teach students to respect deaf culture and to have deaf etiquette. If you are a hearing person, there are a few si (More)
Over 1,000 students expected to return during phase five
by Monica Smith | staff writer As more students begin to return back to campus for in-school learning, classrooms have also started to go back to their traditional functions despite a few changes to enforce social distancing protocols.   “We cu (More)
NHS application ready for hopeful applicants
Lauryn Chavez | staff writer National Honor Society applications are being sent out to qualified applicants, and will be due on October 9. “Both juniors and seniors can receive applications it's just based on their unweighted GPA,” English teac (More)
Lunch precautions keeping students, staff safe
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer As the phase-in plan continues to move forward, precautions and safety measures are being put into place for lunches. “Students are allowed to eat inside the cafeteria and outdoor courtyard. There are stickers pla (More)
What to do when a device assigned by the school is broken
by Monica Smith | staff writer Students who have been issued an NEISD device could be experiencing technology issues. “That may be you're not hooking up, your screens not working, your password is down or whatever that issue might be,” assistan (More)
Discipline still a concern despite virtual setting
by Chloe Jordan | staff writer While this year has started off distanced and online, campus policies still apply to students. “If somebody’s misbehaving on the Zoom, [teachers] could turn the camera off or [teachers] could remove them from the (More)
Teachers, students take advantage of blended learning time
by Rebecca Griffith | staff writer Teachers will continue to offer tutoring sessions this semester- just in a virtual setting. “Time built into the schedule so students and teachers can take care of their work and themselves,”  English teacher (More)
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