By Desiree Coffey

It’s better to give then receive … but it’s equally nice to receive a “thank you” for giving.  It’s so important to show gratitude when a gift is given.  Here are some tips for proper gift receiving etiquette.  First of all, when you receive a gift it’s important to look in the person’s eyes, smile, and say ‘thank you’. It’s such a little thing, but that is really the only appropriate answer to give (even if you dislike the gift).  Whether the gift was received in person or it was sent by mail, a hand written thank you note should be written.  In the thank you note, you should mention the gift by name, and also write something about it that you liked.  Finally, the handwritten thank you note should be sent the old fashion way, by mail.  The thank you note will mean a lot to the person who sent you the gift.

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