by Desiree Coffey


2015 is gone and 2016 has only just started.  So why am I feeling so stressed?


Resolutions?  Why?  In addition to thinking about school starting on Monday, I’m also suppose to come up with a list of things I need to accomplish this year – I’m still working on things from 2015.  After reviewing my 2015, I realize just how hectic my days are.


Starting the day with a full schedule of classes, lectures, assignments, projects, homework, and if needed — tutoring (which always means falling behind in completing assignments, grades, and after school activity schedules) – stress meter bar moving up.


Bell rings and finally – schools done – a small sigh of relief – you made it through the day – small drop in stress meter!  Now what’s on the agenda – after school activities (band, theater, art project, newspaper, etc.).  Tutoring; no (today was a good day!).  Time is flying by and now your looking at 5:00 – what’s next?  Another drop in stress meter – but stomach is growling – haven’t eaten since lunch.


Well, if you’re like me – your responsibilities don’t end there.   For me, it’s off to dance (three days a week) and now I’m starving, tired, and finally home with yet another full schedule of activities to accomplish.  The clock says 8:30 and I still need to eat dinner, shower, and do my homework (let’s hope tonight not every teacher assigned some sort of homework – test tomorrow or project due – need I say more?!). Stress Meter on the rise again!!!!


Then I get to hear comments like – “if you practice 30 minutes every day.”, “you need to stay organized.”, “you’re being irresponsible.” “be more mature” – Seriously, sure, I agree, I’m just not trying hard enough.  Oh, and let’s not forget that awesome time at the end of the semester when grades are shared with your parental units – who are holding your only items of sanity “YOUR CELL PHONE” hostage for their predetermined acceptable results. And don’t get me started on that link to the most horrible devise of torture – PARENT PORTAL.


So this year, my resolution will not be to lose weight, try harder, get organize, be more responsible, practice more, be more mature, eat healthier, pray more, quit smoking, or balance my budget.  This year, I just hope to be less stressed, sleep, laugh, sing, dance, love and forgive more, be true to myself, spend time with my friends, and try to reduce the number of toxic people in my life.


When preparing those New Years Resolutions – take time to think of whats really important in your life.  Our goals, responsibilities, and expectations will always be there but how we face them is what defines us.


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