Wrangler First Week of Success

By a Proud Wood Wrangler

DSC_0216From our 6th graders finally getting the dreaded locker open to the administrators lining up to serve the parents, teachers, and Wrangler community frito pies, this has been a start to remember.  Through the 6th grade hallway you hear sounds of “ugh, I’m never going to get this” and then a resounding and joyful “YES! I did it”.  This first week was filled with just that sentiment – a lot of firsts.  We welcomed a new Principal, Mr. Alvarez, who seems to be very happy to be here and actually took time to get to know us in the hall.  We have started a new bell schedule that boasts one of the best classes ever, known as HQ.  You can hear teachers talking to students like a team member instead of a leader in some instances and most students have had very positive things to say.  I for one am excited about my year here and look forward to all the cool stuff we get to do next.DSC_0221

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