Students Seek Entertainment In Different Ways

| April 19, 2011 | 1 Comment

Austin Smith
KMSN Staff

There are many ways to keep entertained in the world today. With great technological leaps in the past century, like the mobile phone and computer, teens find great ways to stay busy.
Teens can gather together and have tons of fun. They can have fun at parties, sports, and even social networks. Mostly activities are to keep from being bored.
                “My favorite activity is doing my nails,” Jamie Roberts (8i) said. “Sometime I get bored and my nails look boring, so I paint them.”
Teens have many ways of having fun, and painting nails is just one of them. Depending on the person, favorite activities are very diverse. For some people it could be social, it could be sports, or peaceful hobbies.
                “My favorite activity is playing tennis. I like it because it’s fun and easy,” Jennifer Corona (8I) said.
Sports are a fun way to bond and stay entertained, especially if someone has a lot of energy. Tennis is the sport for Jennifer, and there are probably more reasons that she likes it. There are differences between many sports; some are rough, and some are quiet.
                “My favorite activity is bowling. It’s fun and gives me something to do,” said Jordan Rayburg (8I) said.
Between after school and the weekends, teens have lots of down time that could be spent having fun. People can talk to friends on the internet, socialize at parties, and exercise with sports.
Teens have the special opportunity to never be bored. Someone can do anything they want at any time

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  1. joerobert says:

    i get bored easily so i make short cartoons
    (if u have a Nintendo DSi, u know what kind of cartoons;)

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