I Just Watch for the Commercials: Superbowl Sunday


View from Superbowl 2013
Photo by;http://www.watchsportschannel.com

108 million viewers.

This is the amount of people who tuned in to watch this year’s Superbowl. No matter who you are, there is something for everyone; food, music, commercials, and of course, football.

For many, the only draw is the commercials. As everyone knows, companies shell out millions to make and pay for these prime time spots, and it seems no expense is spared for Superbowl commercials and therefore, the expectation is that they are spectacular.


Often this is the case, and the world gets to see some of its funniest, most touching, or impressive commercial of the year on this whole night. However, there are a few companies that take this opportunity to test out the old theory that ‘sex sells’ and end up with a, well, less than classy commercial.


As a young girl I don’t want to be watching the game, which comes with a lot of fanfare in my house, and suddenly see a half naked girl on my television. If you want to sell a product then sell a product, not the image of a girls body. Although these commercials do have an impact, or I wouldn’t be writing about it now, they don’t really show you the product like a good commercial should


For example, Godaddy.com, a domain name registration site’s commercials have been playing during the Superbowl for a few years now. Chances are you have at least seen one at one point, for the most part they feature borderline explicit scenes typically portraying some famous one in a skimpy outfit doing something that really should be private, and never once mentions the purpose of their website, just please visit to see more. Last time I checked, people who want to see ‘more’ really don’t have a purpose for registering a domain name. For the most part, it’s the people who are watching with their  children, and who have no desire to see ‘more’. That’s exactly why a commercial shouldn’t use women to catch viewers interest it should actually display the product or service.

GoDaddy.Com commercial 2013 featuring model Bar Refaeli and actor Jesse Heiman. photo from csmonitor.com


If companies are going to pay millions for this opportunity to gain customers, they should at the very least explain their product, not make a trashy commercial that portrays women as only sex symbols.

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