The Dangers of Drugs


As of this year, the use of drugs has skyrocketed compared to past years. Bathroom doors are being locked and monitored due to students smoking. The school board has spoken out about changes that are being made to the school this year as a way to prohibit drugs from circulating in the school. 


The use of drugs not only poses significant health risks but also leads to negative social and economic consequences. Different drugs have different effects, but all share the potential to cause irreversible damage to the human body. The lack of control that the administration has over students and their drug use is damaging to our school district as a whole.

Drug addiction can tear families apart, leading to broken relationships, neglect, and abuse. Many drug users are unable to maintain stable employment. Stopping students from getting an education now and in the future.


In a recent study, the word abuse is used multiple times to highlight the challenges teens face when they intake drugs. It’s a word that means to take something that may have a bad effect on you whether that was the intention of the drug, medication, or drugs. 


Principal Joaquin Hernandez spoke out about the situation regarding drugs that are being shared during school hours. After being asked about the preparation for the flood of students entering alternative schools due to drug use Hernandez stated that having administrators on each corner to monitor the halls as well as speaking to each other for ways to influence students to do the right thing. 


Considering the high number of students who are taking drugs on campus the numbers increase creating a more monitored environment for those who need it the most. As a result of taking drugs on-campus students will be sent to Alternative school (AHS) starting now.

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